SE31 Japanese Green Tea FUKAMUSHI-SENCHA Loose Leaf 500g(17.64oz) Miyazaki Japan

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[Japanese Tea Type] FUKAMUSHI-SENCHA
[Producer] Yamaguchi-seicha
[Package] Loose Leaf
[Contents Weight] 500g(17.64oz)
[Best Before] Dec,2024


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Nichinan, Miyazaki, Japan

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- About Website -
Q: What is "SE3" of the item name?
A: "SE" means "SENCHA", and "3" means our serial number not quality. "TA" is "TAMARYOKUCHA", "BA" is "BANCHA", and so on.
Q: What means the number of "xx items sold" on a item page?
A: It is sales result on this official website and other e-commerce sites since 2016.
Q: Are the prices fixed?
A: No, the prices are subject to fluctuations in purchase prices and exchange rates.
* Refer to USD/JPY Currency Exchange Rate & News - Google Finance
- About Japanese tea -
Q: Can I make Japanese tea without a Japanese teapot?
A: You are able to make Japanese tea using a normal teapot and strainer.
Q: Can I enjoy drinking cool Japanese tea?
A: Japanese tea is also delicious served cold. Please use 1.5 times the normal amount of tea leaves to make a stronger tea then chill immediately with ice. Otherwise FUNMATSUCHA and KONACHA are able to make cool Japanese tea without boiling water.
Q: How to make tea to reduce caffeine?
A: Caffeine depends on water temperature and steep time. If you would like low caffeine from Japanese green tea, you need steep for low temp and short time.
* Refer to Does the taste of tea change with temperature? / Caffeine concentration (g/mL) in a green tea brewing as a function of...
Q: What type of Japanese tea is lowest in caffeine?
A: If you steep them for the same temperature and time, caffein of BANCHA, HOJICHA, and GENMAICHA are low, the GYOKURO, TAMARYOKUCHA, and SENCHA are high.
* Refer to Contents of Individual Tea Catechins and Caffeine in Japanese Green Tea
Q: How to extract as much of the catechin as possible?
A: The higher the temperature, the easier it is to extract catechin. The longer steep time, the easier it is to extract catechin.
* Refer to Caffeine concentration (g/mL) in a green tea brewing as a function of... / Contents of Individual Tea Catechins and Caffeine in Japanese Green Tea
Q: What type of Japanese tea is highest in catechin?
A: If you steep them for the same temperature and time, catechin of HOJICHA is very low, the GYOKURO, TAMARYOKUCHA, SENCHA, BANCHA, and GENMAICHA are almost the same It does not matter the grade or the price.
* Refer to Contents of Individual Tea Catechins and Caffeine in Japanese Green Tea
- Before Order -
Q: What is the difference between Japanese tea types?
A: For details, please refer to Japanese Tea Type.
Q: How long can I drink packaged tea after the best before?
A: We think that we are able to drink it until a few years after the best before if it is kept in a suitable temperature. Other opinions by Google are here.
Q: How long can I drink opened tea?
A: We think that you are able to drink it for up to half a year after opening if you kept it in an airtight container in a cool dark place.
However, we suggest that you should drink it up as soon as possible if the taste or color or aroma changes in any way. This is because tea leaves easily absorb dampness and other smells. Other opinions by Google are here.
Q: Can I use multiple times per coupon?
A: No, you are able to use only one time.
Q: Can I receive my items in one package via economy airmail?
A: If your order is less than about 1.7 kg, it is possible. If it is more than that, we will ship in installments.
If you would like one package more than that, please select "DHL Express" or "Standard Airmail" or "Sea Mail" on the checkout page. If your shipping options do not have "DHL Express" or "Standard Airmail" on checkout page, please feel free to contact us.
Q: Do you support IOSS?
A: No, we suggest that you should make orders of our items via eBay. This is because eBay collects VAT at the time of order, so you are less likely to be charged exorbitantly by the Customs at the time of receipt. The and links are on each product page.
If you paid VAT twice, eBay says on help page that eBay will then issue a refund of the VAT collected by eBay at checkout.
* Refer to I paid VAT twice. What should I do if eBay charged VAT on my order and then the shipping carrier charged import VAT on delivery? / Send Support Proof of Overpayment

- After Order -
Q: Can I make to cancel my order?
A: If your item(s) has not been shipped, we are able to accept your cancellation and make the refund excluding the payment fee of Stripe or PayPal. Please contact us as soon as possible.
- After Arrival Your Item(s) -
Q: Why does my order tea include the stems?
A: Stems of Japanese tea are worth drinking. SHIRAORE and KUKICHA are made of only stems.
The aroma and flavor of your tea include the stems. If your tea does not include any stems, the aroma and flavor will be different from what you tasted. The proportion of stems depends on the producer.
We have a superstition in Japan also, "It is a sign of good luck to have a tea stem floating upright in your tea." If Japanese tea does not have any stems in it, the superstition was not originated.

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